About Us

When was the last time you actually thought of your immune system outside of the times you were in bed aching with a fever, runny nose, and hacking cough? Most people normally do not think about their immune system until their health wanes. Is it a system that just lies dormant waiting to awaken only when we are sick? The immune system is so very much more than that! Not only does it help us when we are sick, it helps us recover after exercising, it keeps our cells from becoming damaged from outside variables such as pollution and carcinogens, and it aids in lengthening cell life which actually will help extend our lives.

We want to help you learn and understand just what can happen when the full power of the immune system is unlocked. It certainly will increase the quality of life for you. We will be posting videos and other blog posts to help keep you informed. So follow us here and on the various platforms of social media. We look forward to getting to know you.

Immune Life is Michael, John, and Renita Tibus. Michael and John have been Health and Wellness Consultants with Immunotec Research Ltd for the last 13 years. Renita has a background in marketing which has proved invaluable to our team.